Bombay Custom Works Turned The Scram 411 Into A Supermoto

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Every time we have seen the brilliant mod jobs created by custom houses from around the globe, we have been wowed by Royal Enfield’s global custom program. Among those which caught our attention is Bombay Customs Works‘ quirky and cool Supermoto which is based on the Scram 411.

  1. Paints The Body By hand
  2. The wheels Are 17-inch Spokes
Scram 411

It is almost impossible to find a component on this Scram that has not been tweaked or replaced with an all-new custom unit. The bodywork on the motorcycle has been stripped away and minimalistic panels have replaced them. Rather than a headlamp, it features a dirt bike-style front plate, a high-set front fender, and a ribbed single-piece seat on the exposed sub-frame leading to the rear fender. There are several areas on the bodywork that have been hand-painted with representations of Mumbai’s culture and infrastructure.

In addition to the smaller 17-inch spoke wheels, the most conspicuous hardware change is the custom-made hubcaps. The wheels not only enhance the bike’s appearance but should also improve its handling. A grippier road-biased tyre is wrapped around these rims, not the dual-purpose CEAT rubber wrapped around your stock bike. Aftermarket canisters channel exhaust gases through the 411cc engine while leaving the engine untouched.

Scram 411 By Royal Enfield:

Scram 411

In today’s world, opportunities abound, but obstacles are also present. There is a constant need to switch between modes. Whether you’re working or playing, rough or smooth, stopping and going, fast or slow, these are all aspects of life. There is no better time to invest in a Scram 411 than now.

The high-altitude adventurer DNA of Royal Enfield is a result of decades of expeditions and tens of thousands of kilometers of rides across the most challenging terrains on earth. This DNA is embodied in Scram 411. An ally that’s always ready for whatever life throws at you, it’s a multi-purpose tool optimized for agility. It’s not a cosmetic crossover or a street bike pumped up with performance parts.


Scram 411

Scram mode involves navigating snakes and ladders in an urban environment. The 19-inch front wheel and 17-inch rear wheel allow this machine to handle almost anything, while the low 795mm high seat keeps the rider comfortable. Fortunately, the Scram’s Is 410 engine works well at high altitudes, so fewer gear changes are needed and you can maneuver more quickly through the urban maze.

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Life in the modern world demands a constant switching between modes. The wire-spoked wheels and dual-purpose tires provide a sure-footed grip and effortless agility across dirt tracks, rough roads, and tarmac. Scram 411 is built to handle whatever life throws at you. Its long-travel suspension and high ground clearance make it easy to ride over tricky terrain.


Scram 411

The Scram 411 combines scrambler playfulness and accessibility with authentic adventurer capability. Detailed details like the urban badge plate, an offset speedometer, a scrambler seat, as well as five high-energy colorways are hallmarks of this bike. Scram 411 is what it looks like.

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