Cheel Gadi Restaurant Stunning View, Amazing Food & Ambiance

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Having a clean and hygienic place to eat is always a concern for my family and me. When we decided to try Cheel Gadi Restaurant last week, we ended up at Cheel Gadi, Sanganer. Upon first glance, I was immediately drawn to the ambiance of the place. The restaurant’s ambiance was quite enjoyable with so many different themes, as well as an outdoor area filled with lighting, music, and a view that can instantly fill your soul. The first impression that my family and I had was that it’s the ideal place for romantic dates, family outings, and parties with friends.

Cheel Gadi Restaurant

Finally, it was time for the best part, food. After trying some Chinese and Italian food from the menu, we chose the proper North Indian food from the chef’s special. Our concern was that we were famished and were not willing to compromise with the taste of food at all. However, if I tell you that we were all full at the end of the meal, and yet we all wanted more, it wouldn’t be a lie. After eating the food, all I remember was licking my fingers.

The taste of Italian and Chinese food was so authentic and delicious. You will find your mouth watering right now if I start writing here from starters to mocktails and desserts. “You do not need a silver fork to eat good, delicious food,” they proved.

Cheel Gadi is one of the best Veg-Dine establishments I’ve been to in a while. The restaurant is located in Sanganer, Jaipur, Near Sanganer Airport. From the warm welcome to the friendly service, I was satisfied and fulfilled. In addition to the ambiance and food, we also appreciated the fact that there was plenty of parking available.

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So, if I ever have to pick a place to hang out with friends or family, or even a place to order at 2 am in the morning, I know the perfect place. There is no doubt that Cheel Gadi is a great place to go. The overall feel is one of uniqueness.  The place feels young, trendy, and exciting. The atmosphere, the menu, and the food all contribute to the perfect dining experience when you are with friends or family. The atmosphere, the food, and the courteous service at Cheel Gadi will certainly please you. I am certain that like me, you will be compelled to return to the restaurant.

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