New Traffic Rule Safety harness mandatory for Children’s on Motorcycle

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Road safety refers to the measures and the methods which are used to prevent and protect road accidents. The main motive behind issuing road safety measures is to prevent road users from accidents and injuries. (Road users mainly include pedestrians, cycles, two-wheelers, four-wheelers). It is not a temporary awareness, it is mandatory conditions which everyone must have to follow otherwise they will be liable with a fine or penalty, or first, they will meet with the accident. MORTH announced safety harness mandatory for children.

Helmet and safety harness mandatory for child (New guidelines)

According to the recent news, new safety measures for people carrying two-wheelers having children aged nine months to four years have been announced by the Indian Ministry of Road Transport and Highways.

Safety Harness Mandatory

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According to the information, children must have to wear a crash helmet and a safety harness.

The safety harness is a type of belt which helps to attach the children with the person who riding the two-wheeler. It must be lightweight, sturdy, and made of nylon, with a weight capacity of up to 30 kg.

The new guidelines also set a 40-kilometer-per-hour speed limit for two-wheelers with children as pillion passengers.
Both the rider and the pillion must have to wear safety belts.

In the previous year, the ministry recommended changing the motor vehicle rules to issue new safety measures for the youngsters carrying two-wheelers.
This rule will be applicable on 15th Feb 2023.

Road safety tips everyone should follow

Alert while riding
  1. Should never use mobile phone while driving .
  2. Never drink and drive.
  3. Follow all the traffic signals obediently. Walk when the signal shows green light or stop when it shows red.
  4. Always use zebra crossing, the white and the black stripes are there for certain reasons , make use of it while crossing the road .
  5. Always wear helmet and belt while driving
  6. Avoid getting distracted , focus completely on the road .
  7. Driving at higher speed , infringement of the rights , can lead to penalty or accidents.
  8. Don’t use ill maintained vehicle on the road .
  9. Slow down the speed while entering on the main road , crossing and intersections.
  10. If there is any health issues , road safety rules demand that u will not drive.

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