Next-generation Ducati Scrambler is shown at World Ducati Week

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Scramblers are Ducati’s most accessible models, and the line-up is about to undergo its biggest update since it was introduced in 2014. In November 2022, the next-generation Ducati Scrambler model will debut at the EICMA trade show.

Ducati Scrambler

A glimpse of this next-generation motorcycle was available to visitors during the recently concluded World Ducati Week (WDW) in a strictly controlled area where cameras were not allowed. Despite some changes to the chassis and engine, the design language will remain familiar.

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Ducati Scramblers are the current generation model of a motorcycle that has been available since 2014 and has only seen small upgrades over that period. As a result of these changes, the bike came with a cornering ABS, Bluetooth connectivity in the dash, a hydraulic clutch, and 10-spoke wheels, all of which were inherited from its elder sibling, the Scrambler 1100.

In India, there are eight Scrambler models available with either an 803cc or 1,079cc engine. The Icon Dark starts at Rs. 8.89 lakh and goes up to Rs 15.29 lakh for the 1100 Sport Pro. Check out the recent reveiw of Scrambler Icon Click Here

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