The amazing modified Jawa Perak bobber motorcycle looks classy

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There are only a few authentic bobbers for sale on the Indian market. Among these, the Modified Jawa Perak is the most affordable bobber available in the country at the moment. This makes it one of the most sought-after in the market. In my opinion, Jawa’s single-seater flagship motorcycle is a true-blue bobber with an old-school appearance that offers more form than function. A Modified Jawa Perak from Hyderabad-based Eimor Customs looks impressive with its unique colour scheme compared to the standard Jawa Perak available on showroom floors.

Modified Jawa Perak

Modified Jawa Perak

In South India, Eimor Customs, a popular motorcycle customization brand, specializes in neo-retro motorcycle customizations. In an attempt to make the Jawa Perak even more elusive, Eimor Customs has modified the motorcycle with many visual changes. Despite its visual changes, the motorcycle’s mechanicals remains unchanged.

Jawa Perak Modified
Modified Jawa Perak

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To begin with, Eimor Customs has given this Jawa Perak a brand new custom black paint scheme. It is complemented by copper-gold graphics on the lower parts of the fuel tank and side panels. There is copper-gold pinstriping on the headlamp cowl, front and rear fenders as well as the round-themed headlamp cowl. In addition to the matte black parts of the motorcycle, the copper-gold paint scheme complements the matte black parts.

Jawa Perak
Modified Jawa Perak

Another significant change in this Jawa Perak from Eimor Customs is the tan seat cover for the single seat. As the Perak does not come with a factory-fitted rear seat, the rear fender gets a custom rack above it. By making the motorcycle easier to carry small loads, the rack not only enhances its aesthetics but also enhances its practicality.

Jawa Perak has 334cc engine.

As mentioned above, the mechanicals of this Jawa Perak have not been altered. As with the stock motorcycle, it is powered by the same 334cc, four-stroke, single-cylinder, liquid-cooled engine that produces 30 bhp of maximum power and 32 Nm of maximum torque.All of the same components exist, including the 6-speed gearbox, the upside-down telescopic front forks, the rear monoshock and the slash-cut dual exhaust pipes.

Aside from the newly-launched Keeway V302C, which has a twin-cylinder 300cc engine and is almost twice the price of the Jawa Perak, the Jawa Perak has no direct competitors in its price range.

With the launch of the Classic and 42 bikes in 2018, Jawa officially reentered the Indian market. To celebrate Jawa’s one-year presence in the Indian market, the brand also showcased the Jawa Perak bobber. As the most affordable bobber bike on the Indian market, the Jawa Perak is priced at Rs 1.94 lakhs. In the market, it has no direct competitors.

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