Suzuki V-Strom SX vs Gixxer 250: How similar are the two?

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The Suzuki Gixxer 250 and the Suzuki V-Strom SX are both naked street bikes, but the Gixxer 250 is a street motorcycle, while the V-Strom SX is an adventure motorcycle.

A benefit of platform sharing is that you can create multiple motorcycles that use a number of the same components but have completely different purposes. The Suzuki Gixxer 250 and the newly launched Suzuki V-Strom SX sport adventure tourer are examples. Let’s compare them side by side.

Suzuki V-Storm SX

Differences in design between the Suzuki V-Strom SX and the Gixxer 250

One of the biggest differences between the two motorcycles is the way they are designed. With its beak under the headlight, windscreen above, and minimal tail section, the Suzuki V-Strom SX has that typical ADV look. Some components are specific to this adventure motorcycle, such as an aluminium top box rack with triangular taillights and knuckle guards on its taller and wider handlebars. Suzuki’s V-Strom 1050 sold outside of Japan is the inspiration for the overall design.  In addition to the bold colors available for the V-Strom SX, we like how they make the bike stand out.

A Suzuki Gixxer 250 has been around for a long time, but it’s far from being old-fashioned. Muscular tanks and sleek tails, as well as the striking pattern on the alloy wheels, add to the overall visual appeal, and this Suzuki MotoGP bike-inspired colorway is our pick.

Comparison of Suzuki V-Strom SX and Gixxer 250: Ergonomics

As an ADV, the Suzuki V-Strom SX provides a comfortable riding position, with an upright driving position. Also, the footpegs are set slightly forward. On the other hand, the Gixxer places you in a more forward-canted position. For a sporty riding position, the handlebars are also lower and the footpegs are more rear-set. Furthermore, the Gixxer’s perch is compact compared to the V-Strom SX’s spacious perch, demonstrating the latter’s focus on touring.

Comparison of Suzuki V-Strom SX and Gixxer 250: Chassis

On the V-Strom SX, Suzuki used the mainframe from the Gixxer 250 but made a few modifications for mounting the new bodywork. But the subframe on both bikes differs significantly.

V-Strom’s swingarm is also new, and its front fork is offset in relation to the Gixxer’s. As a result, the Gixxer now has a 1,440mm wheelbase as opposed to 1,450mm.

Its 19-inch front wheel gives the V-Strom SX much better stability over broken or rough roads. Also, the grip offered by MRF Mogrip Meteor tires is the reason behind your feeling of confidence on the described surfaces.

A street-bike-like design, the Gixxer sports 17-inch wheels at both ends, as well as grippier MRF tarmac-only tires.

The ground clearance of the two bikes is another difference. The Suzuki V-Strom SX has 205mm of ground clearance because of its raised swingarm pivot point and 19-inch wheels, which is much higher than the Gixxer 250s 165mm of ground clearance.

Gixxer 250

Comparison of Suzuki V-Strom SX and Gixxer 250: Features differences

The LCD instrument cluster is a new unit with Bluetooth connectivity, and the V-Strom has a new LCD display. In addition, it features turn-by-turn navigation, a call indicator, and more. The Gixxer 250 lacks these features.

Suzuki V-Strom SX and Gixxer 250: Similarities?

Both motorcycles include similar LED headlights and indicators. Both bikes feature 12-liter fuel tanks beneath the bodywork since the mainframes are unchanged.

There are no differences in the telescopic fork and preload-adjustable mono-shock, either in terms of suspension travel or internals. Brakes are also exactly the same.

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Both bikes come with a 249cc oil-cooled engine, which is tuned the same way across the board. It produces 26.5 horsepower at 9,300 rpm and 22.2Nm at 7,300 rpm. The gear ratios are exactly the same in the engine and transmission.

Thus, the V-Strom SX should perform about the same as the Gixxer 250, despite the fact that it is 11kg heavier.

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