The New Lexus LX 500d is priced in India at Rs 2.82 crore

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Among the first batch of Lexus LX 500d luxury SUVs expected to be delivered between January and March 2023, the LX 500d has been priced at Rs 2.82 crore (ex-showroom). In addition to the upcoming RX SUV and LC coupe, the Japanese carmaker will display the LX 500d at the Auto Expo for the first time.

  1. Toyota Land Cruiser LC300 platform for Lexus LX
  2. The Indian version will only have five seats
  3. Indians won’t be able to buy LX 600 petrol

The exterior of the Lexus LX 500d SUV

Lexus LX 500d

The Lexus LX 500d is designed to compete with Toyota Land Cruiser’s popular LC300 with its butch and stylish look, complete with square-out wheel arches and oversized alloy wheels. Besides the large Lexus signature grille and headlamps, the SUV receives unique Lexus design cues.

Despite having a similar profile to the LC300, the LX 500d gets slightly different rear quarter windows. On the tailgate, Lexus lettering replaces the logo and the LX has a connected light bar.

Interior and Features of The Lexus LX 500d SUV

There are four interior color options for the Lexus LX 500d: tan, red, black, and a combination of white and brown. In India, the LX is only available in the 5-seat configuration, not the 7-seat configuration. 

Lexus LX 500d

With a dual-screen set-up inside, the LX 500d has a 12.3-inch upper unit for infotainment and a 7.0-inch lower unit for climate control and off-road data. The instrument cluster also features a multi-information display measuring 8.0 inches. Additionally, rear-seat passengers will receive two 11.6-inch touchscreens with wireless remote controls.

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As of now, the Lexus LX 500d SUV is only available in diesel

LX 450d diesel and LX 570 petrol models were available in the previous generation LX. Lexus discontinued the diesel engine with the introduction of BS6 norms. Currently, Lexus is offering only the diesel variant of the LX 500d, not the petrol variant of the LX 600.

As with the latest Land Cruiser, the LX 500d comes with a 3.3-liter twin-turbo V6 diesel engine. It delivers 309hp and 700Nm of torque through a 10-speed automatic transmission. Among other off-roading features, the LX comes with all-wheel drive and a multi-terrain mode. Additionally, four drive modes are available: Normal, Eco, Comfort, Sport S, and Sport S+.

Rivals in India for Lexus LX 500d SUV

Compared to the long-wheelbase Range Rover, the new Lexus SUV is priced between Rs 2.56 crore and Rs 3.43 crore (ex-showroom). Additionally, it will compete with the Mercedes-Maybach GLS 600, which is priced at Rs 2.92 crore (ex-showroom).

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