The Royal Enfield Hunter 350 vs TVS Ronin  – Features, specs, and price comparison

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Comparison of Royal Enfield Hunter 350 and TVS Ronin. The Hunter and Ronin are compared based on their pricing, specifications, designs, dimensions, and more.

In the last few months, the Royal Enfield Hunter 350 has been much talked about and spotted while being tested and at a dealership. Despite all the mystery surrounding the motorcycle, it was officially revealed by Royal Enfield’s bossman, Siddhartha Lal.

Royal Enfield Hunter 350

Taking a closer look at the new Royal Enfield Hunter 350, and comparing it to the recently-launched TVS Ronin, we compare their prices, designs, dimensions, equipment, features, and engine specs.

Royal Enfield Hunter 350 and TVS Ronin – Price comparison

There is no price information on the Hunter 350 yet, but it is expected to be the lowest-priced motorcycle from Chennai-based Royal Enfield. In comparison, the TVS Ronin costs between Rs 1.49 lakh and 1.68 lakh, ex-showroom. TVS Ronin comes in three variants, differentiated by their color schemes.

The Royal Enfield Hunter 350 vs the TVS Ronin – Design, and Dimension

There are a lot of retro features on both motorcycles, such as round headlights, short fenders, instrument clusters that consist of one pod, alloy wheels, and side-slung exhausts. As far as first impressions go, the Ronin’s LED headlights and slightly lower set design make it immediately appealing.

A TVS Ronin’s wheelbase is longer than a Hunter 350s, while the Hunter 350 stands taller at 800 mm than the Ronin. In addition to being heavier, the Hunter 350 also has less ground clearance and a smaller fuel tank than the Ronin.

Royal Enfield Hunter 350 vs TVS Ronin – Design, and Dimension
DimensionsHunter 350Ronin
LengthN.A.2040 mm
WidthN.A.805 mm
HeightN.A.1170 mm
Wheelbase1370 mm1357 mm
Kerb Weight181 kg160 kg
Seat Height800 mm795 mm
Ground Clearance150.5 mm181 mm
Fuel Tank Capacity13 litres14 litres

Equipment & Features of the Royal Enfield Hunter 350 vs TVS Ronin

TVS Ronin

In addition to 17-inch alloy wheels for the front and rear, a 41 mm telescopic front suspension, dual shocks at the rear, disc brakes on both ends with dual-channel ABS, and a semi-digital instrument cluster with navigation as an optional accessory, the Royal Enfield Hunter 350 also comes with a telescopic front suspension.

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In addition to 17-inch alloy wheels, the TVS Ronin is equipped with 41 mm USD forks and a mono-shock at the rear. Like the Hunter 350, the Ronin comes with dual-channel ABS at both ends but adds a fully digital instrument cluster with connected features, voice commands, and ABS modes (Urban and Rain). The Ronin is better equipped in terms of suspension, instrumentation, and safety.

Engine specifications of the Royal Enfield Hunter 350 and the TVS Ronin

TVS Ronin

There is a single-cylinder, the air-cooled motor in both motorcycles, but the displacement is different. Royal Enfield Hunters get the same 349 cc J-Series engine found in the Meteor, and Ronins get 225 cc single-cylinder motors from the Apache 200.

Engine Specifications
SpecificationHunter 350Ronin
Power20.2 bhp20.1 bhp
Torque27 Nm19.93 Nm

Despite the differences in displacement, both motorcycles offer the same power, although Hunter’s engine offers more torque. However, the Ronin is almost 20 kg lighter than the Hunter, giving it an advantage.

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