There are 6 craziest modified Royal Enfield motorcycles we’ve ever seen

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In our country, Royal Enfield motorcycles are the most modified. They have a simple construction, which is why they are so popular. It is comparatively easy for modification shops to work on their parts and chassis since they are not expensive. Below, we present a list of the 6 craziest Royal Enfields that have been extremely modified.

List of Bike Modifiers

  • Bulleteer Customs
  • Mad Max
  • TNT Motorcycles
  • Paul Smith
  • Indian Motorcycles Chief

Designed by Bulleteer Customs, Warmachine

Modified Royal Enfield
Warmachine Designed By Buleteer Customs

Taking up the first spot on our list is the Bulleteer Customs modified Royal Enfield Thunderbird. Known as Warmachine, it takes on the stance of a stretched cruiser. Thunderbird 2010 with a Unit Construction Engine is the basis for the modification. There are fat wide tyres and chopped-off fenders, giving it a low-rider stance. Additionally, there is a customized fuel tank with the word Warmachine written on it.

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Royal Enfield modified by Mad Max

Mad Max Royal Enfield

The second modified Royal Enfield that we have on our list does not have a lot of information available. The look of the scene is post-apocalyptic. However, the motorcycle is finished in copper bronze, which makes it appear to be rusting. This bike, which was spotted in Gurugram, has a single seat.

Designed By TNT Motorcycles, Shunya

Designed By TNT Shunya
Modified Royal Enfield Electra 350, Designed By TNT, Named Shunya

On our third list, we have Shunya, a motorcycle modified by TNT Motorcycles. TNT Motorcycles have modified the original Electra 350 so that it has a custom chassis and suspension. In order to ensure the stability of the chassis, the chassis was extensively tested. According to the shop, the motorcycle was inspired by a 1948 Harley Davidson. An angle of 45 degrees has been steeply raked on the front. Approximately 1000 man-hours have been spent on building the motorcycle.

Designed By Paul Smith, Chai Shop Racer

Designed By Paul Smith, Chai Shop Racer
Designed By Paul Smith, Chai Shop Racer

The next motorcycle on our list is the “Chai Shop Racer.” You heard me right, Paul gave this name to it. Paul used a Royal Enfield Continental GT 650 as the base motorcycle. Paul’s motorcycle looks raw and unfinished, which makes it stand out. There is no paint on it at all. The frame has been altered, a mono-shock is now installed, a custom fuel tank is installed, and LED headlamps and taillamps are also installed.

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Royal Enfield Classic Modified By Indian Motorcycles Chief

Designed By Indian Motorcycle Chief
Modified Classic 350

Modifications made to this Classic make it quite unique. Leather is used extensively throughout and is finished in brown. There are similarities between the panniers and the seat on the bike and those found on Indian motorcycles. Additionally, the fuel tank is covered in brown paint, and the exhaust system is different.

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Designed By TNT Motorcycles, Neelkanth

Designed By TNT Neelkanth
Modified Royal Enfield

Our final model is a modified Interceptor 650. In addition to being displayed at Royal Enfield Rider Mania, this motorcycle costs a jaw-dropping Rs. 16 lakhs to modify. The motorcycle is called Neelkantha, and TNT Motorcycles customized it. Unless you look closely, it will be impossible to tell Neelkantha is an Enfield. As a result, it looks like a custom bagger motorcycle.

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