These are the top five coolest features on bikes in 2022: Ola S1, Zontes, TVS Ntorq, & More

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It has been a really exciting year for us motorcyclists as we saw some really amazing motorcycles with even cooler features that made us go, “WOW… how did they do that? ”. And the most exciting part is that this list features ICE and electric two-wheelers. Here are the top five cool features we saw on two-wheelers in 2022, including EVs and ICEs.

Miracasting with Zontes

Zontes 310T2 EV

Zontes bikes are equipped with a 5-inch touchscreen console with Bluetooth connectivity. It provides different themes, displays notifications (calls, SMS), and offers turn-by-turn navigation, as well as the ability to toggle between music. This bike’s TFT screen has an incredible feature called the ‘mirror function’, which lets you project a YouTube video on the console, just like on a smart TV.

Hill Hold Feature Of OLA S1

Ola S1

An Ola S1 e-scooter now offers a feature commonly found in cars as well. In simple terms, the hill hold mechanism prevents your scooter from rolling back for 30 seconds, if you are stationary on a slope. It doesn’t require you to hold your brakes.

E-motorcycle with a manual gearbox – Matter ev

Matter E Bike

The lack of gears makes e-bikes ‘unreal bikes,’ according to motorheads. The matter has ended that debate with the MatterDrive 1.0 system. It features a four-speed manual gearbox with a clutch and a mid-mounted, liquid-cooled, IP65-rated 10.5kW motor. In the same way as a petrol-powered bike, you get varying torque and throttle responsiveness!

Deliveries on Amazon and Swiggy can be tracked with the TVS Ntorq XT

TVS Ntorq XT
Image Source: Autocar India

For the first time in the Indian market, the Ntorq XT has a hybrid, split TFT and LCD digital instrument cluster. In addition to SmartXonnect (Bluetooth connectivity), it also comes with TVS’s SmartXonnect. Furthermore, it comes with SmartXtalk speech assistant which can be used for navigation, changing display modes, controlling music, and adjusting screen brightness. Besides weather and news notifications, SmartXtrack also provides real-time updates on Swiggy and Amazon delivery.

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Cruise Control Feature: Ola S1

The affordable two-wheeled EV space has embraced yet another highly useful feature that used to be the domain of premium bikes and cars. By simply pushing a button, an e-scoot like the Ola S1 can maintain cruising speeds. In this way, fatigue will be reduced while driving on the highway for a long period of time.

Exhaust notes generated by speakers: Revolt RV400

Revolt RV 400

You can’t ignore the entertainment value of this, even though it is a bit gimmicky. It broke my heart a bunch of times when I first saw it on the Revolt RV400. My attention was caught by an in-line four at a bikers meetup, but I didn’t see it when I turned around. And this has happened too many times. There’s nothing complicated about it. This is similar to what EA does with Need for Speed. Electronically modulating a specific engine’s sound using the throttle takes the original sound and converts it into a new one. Consequently, you might sound like a Ferrari flatlining at 15,000rpm when driving down a public road at 40kmph.

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