Top 5 Tata Nexon Accessories You Should Consider

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Tata Nexon is a popular compact SUV known for its stylish design, comfortable interiors, and impressive performance. But if you want to enhance the overall driving experience and make your Nexon even more special, consider adding some accessories. Here are the top 5 accessories that you should consider for your Tata Nexon.

Top 5 Tata Nexon Accessories

Front parking sensors

Top 5 Tata Nexon Accessories

In cities with limited parking spaces, maneuvering your car can be a challenge. While most cars come with rear parking sensors and cameras, front parking sensors are often omitted. Tata offers front parking sensors as part of its accessory list, which can make parking easier and safer.

Roof rails

Roof rails are a great addition to the Nexon as they not only add to the SUV’s aesthetic appeal but also provide practical benefits. You can use the rails to mount additional lights or racks, making it easier to transport cargo.


If you frequently have elders in your Nexon, adding a sidestep can make it easier for them to get in and out of the car. This practical accessory also keeps the bottom door frame free of scratches. Tata offers sidesteps in black or chrome, but black is the recommended choice.

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Door visors

Door visors not only add to the car’s design but also offer practical benefits. If you prefer fresh air over air conditioning, you can crack down the window just enough to let the warm air out while keeping the interior at room temperature. The visors also prevent water from entering the car during rains and allow you to roll down the windows fully without getting blasted by air.

3D trunk mat

The boot of the Nexon is spacious and can hold large items. However, liquids can spill from bags, especially during long trips. To avoid this, a 3D trunk mat can come in handy as it prevents liquids from soaking into the soft carpeting and makes cleaning easier.

By adding these accessories to your Tata Nexon, you can not only enhance its looks but also its practicality and convenience.

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