Yamaha unveils the Yamaha YZF R125, a sportier bike

Yamaha YZF R125 is Yamaha’s entry-level fully-faired motorcycle that’s sportier. For this bike, Yamaha has created a sports back.

Yamaha YZF R125

Yamaha YZF R125

Besides adding an aggressive look to the motorcycle, the sport pack includes plenty of accessories that may also help it go a bit faster. The aesthetics have been improved with new stickers on the wheels, as well as an artificial carbon-fiber finishing on the tank pad. There are also new turn indicators. They are fully blacked out, so the bike looks more appealing. The number plate mounting bracket at the back has also been updated.

The only change that has the potential to marginally impact overall performance is a new windscreen. Besides being a bit bigger, it also has a black tint that may aid in improving aerodynamics. The only major change is the styling, whereas the 125cc motor remains the same.

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European markets will receive this sports pack in the next few weeks. Unfortunately, we don’t get this bike in India. However, we do have the YZF R15, a motorcycle that is a cash machine for Yamaha in India. This year’s holidays will bring cosmetic upgrades such as these.

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